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Re: [IP] I need advice on what to do!

Jane, Carrie, and all,

This thread is a perfect example of how NICE it would if people would change the subject line!!!  What is so hard about it.  I can't believe the responses I've read that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Carries' question and post at all!!!!  It's really NOT hard, just use your delete or back space key and type in an appropriate subject line.  Sorry to sound so gritchy, but please it's really not hard and it's very frustrating that people don't take one more minute to change the subject line.


I disagree with you.  I went on the pump all by myself and am doing just fine.  My D rep at the time trained me, the support numbers were great, and the Pumping Insulin book was very helpful.  As well as this list.  To me it makes no sense at all to do a month of carb counting.


One person mentioned talking with your doctor.  I think that's a GREAT idea.  She obviously knows you and trust you so maybe she can work around this month carb counting stuff.  Stick up for yourself.  Show these people how knowledgeable you are and demand their respect.  It's your life, not theirs!
Good Luck.


ps.  I apologize for not deleting any of the old messages, but felt it was necessary to keep them as a part of this post.

Jane B Reese wrote:

 Carrie - You CANNOT do it on your own!  That (after 35 years of normal MDI is my humble opinion) you need a Doc's advise and help!  I got a lot of help from books, but definataely, you cannot do it by yourself!  Dont even think of it!  It's very complicated, and you need to know about inserting the infusion set, the correct angle, priming, etc. Be THINKING!  When I was in college (also diabetic then) I didn't have the advantages you have now - no good testing method, no disposable syringes, no glucometers.....I could go on!  I think the pump is a miracle!  A miracle of technology!  But you need educatiion to use it properly, it's not instinctive!  Take your time - college students take off all the time - take the couple of days - and learn all you can about it!!! Good Luck, Jane
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From: Carrie Wade <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 10:01 PM
Subject: [IP] I need advice on what to do!
 Hi all,I am very upset tonight and need for ya'll to offer your expertise....I found out this afternoon that my MiniMed 507C will be arriving this very Friday!!!  In the midst of my excitement on the phone with my mother, she mentioned that she would call our hospital there in my hometown (where my endo is) and set up my training.  I am a college student that lives 3 hours from home.  It's hard enough to get away to see my family, much less go for a day of training, so I asked her to explain my rushed situation to the diabetes clinic there in order to speed things up.  They informed her that I'd need to do a month of carb counting before they'd even consider me, and the soonest they could work me in would be TOO FAR AWAY AND DURING SCHOOL!!!  I have been on this mailing list with ya'll for about a month.  I've read Pumping Insulin.  I've got a carb counting book and have enough common sense to be able to do that s**t.  I can't tell you how furious I am.  The bad thing here is that I can have my records trasferred to Jackson, where I'm in school and get a new endo.  But that is the last thing I want to do!  I love my dr. and have never found anyone that understands me and listens to me like her.  She really has nothing to do with the training, yet I have to have it done there in order to stay with her???  I know, it sounds strange.  My question here is this:  I'm calling my doc in the morning.  Do I give her my records of blood sugars and whatnot so she can set basals and then attempt to set out on my own?  Do I beg her to help me get worked in earlier and if she won't, change docs?  What do I do?  Can I do this on my own?  Advice please -- I look to ya'll to be my saving grace...Thanks for listening,Carrie