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Re: [IP] numbness in fingers

Doreen McGlade wrote:
> After some thirty years of having insulin-dependent diabetes, I've recently
> noticed that the little finger and ring finger of both my hands are
> frequently numb/tingly.  The feelings (or lack thereof) are intermittent.
> I know I need to call my doc about this, but before I do--would any of you
> with this type of experience let me know if my level of concern should be
> at the mild, moderate, or PANIC state?  I'm usually an optimistic realist
> (which seems to describe many of us on this list); I just want some
> information on a situation that is new to me.
> Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and/or comments.

ok, I can't relate experience with this, but a friend incidentally mentioned
recently that this is usually caused by having the ulnar nerve compressed in
the wrist, or otherwise affected. In other words it's either a carpal tunnel
thing or it may be neuropathy. I wouldn't treat it as an emergency problem, it
takes a long time to get severe an treatments aren neither fast nor simple,
as I understand it. At least that's how it NORMALLY goes....

Ted Quick
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