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[IP] Humalog Allergy?

Who can tell me something about allergies to Humalog insulin?  I understand
there are 13 confirmed cases of such an allergy.  One of these 13 e-mailed
me describing his allergy.  He said that he had an allergic reaction at the
pump injection set site.  My 10 year old daughter is having allergic
reactions that are quite strong, including anaphylaxis.  However she does
not have this reaction at her injection set site. She has just started
getting more infections at her set site.  I wonder if some of the other 13
could tell me their reaction symptoms?  She just started getting hives on
her arms and legs and trunk over a period of 3 weeks that kept getting
worse.  Finally her lips and face swelled and finally her throat.

Right now she is on strong and continual doses of multiple antihistamines
and is doing OK, with a little hives remaining.  We do not know what caused
(or is still causing the problem).  Among the many possilbe irritants like
foods (which are all coming up negative in RAST and skin tests) is one
bottle of Humalog insulin whose use is correlated with her initial and
growing bouts with hives.  It was from Lot Control Number 3MG80M with an
April 1, 2001 expiration date. Is anyone else having allergic reactions
that might be related to use of Humalog from this batch?

Who can tell me how the response time differs between Humalog and
Velosulin.  I understand Velosulin is what is used by those who become
allergic to Humalog.  How much would using Velosulin in her pump upset her
control if we have been using Humalog?

Other than this possibility, my daughter's experience with the pump has
mostly been great, with a tremendous increase in the flexibity of her
eating when and what she wants.
Her father,

P.S. The medical experts are mostly saying that her allergy is highly
unlikely to be from Humalog.  However I am very nervous until I find out
what it is.  For me the Humalog is a strong candidate.

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