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Re: [IP] I need advice on what to do!

On 10 Aug 99, at 22:36, Jane B Reese wrote:

> You CANNOT do it on your own!  That (after 35 years of normal MDI is my =
> humble opinion) you need a Doc's advise and help!  I got a lot of help =
> from books, but definataely, you cannot do it by yourself!  Dont even =

It is very important to have support at least a quick phone call 
away.  But after you get past the "slough off the long term insulin" 
phase and the "get the basals tweaked" phase, it really becomes 
"Your Very Own" learning experience. 

This opinion is from a 35yr DMer, just 14 on MDI. ;>)   YMMV

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