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Re: [IP] I need advice on what to do!

Check with your doctor and explain how you have been on this list, and that 
you have been studying up on carb counting and she should be able to talk to 
someone to get your training moved up. As for feeling bad about sending your 
records elsewhere??? If you are three hours from your endo to begin with at 
school, you should have an endo at school too. (that sentence does not sound 
right, but I hope you understand it!) So if you explain to your doc that you 
will be at school and cannot come back for the training, she should be more 
than happy to send a copy of your records to someone near the school so that 
you can do your training there and keep the stress level down, because we all 
know stress affects your BS levels. Check to see if there is a Joslin clinic 
near school, they are great, I go to one here in Syracuse, NY.
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