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Re: [IP] I need advice on what to do!

I always wear my 506 in its case.

At 10:27 PM 08/10/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>hi everyone -
>my first day of pumping was sunday, and i have to tell you - i love it!!!
>was a little nervous, but also very excited to try to get away from all the 
>lows i was having.    in a few short days, i'm used to having it with me all 
>the time - surprised me very much!!    
>i do have another question though - my CDE said that the leather case should 
>always be used (i have the minimed 507C) to avoid static electricity that 
>caused a few of her patients pumps to stop working!     i've seen a few
>on waistbands when i've been out and about, but none of them had the case.
>my CDE said that most don't, as much as they warn them.     i'm curious as
>how many of the minimed wearers use the case.
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