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[IP] I need advice on what to do!

I went on the minimed 507c on July 8th.  I spent a month or more prior 
learning to count carbs and I actually wore the pump with saline solution for 
four weeks.  My A1C before the pump was a 6.9 and I will have another A1C in 
a week or two.  At first I thought the process was taking forever but looking 
back on it, I needed the carb counting and pump set up experience before 
going live.  I have been live since July 8th and I still have a way to go to 
get things under control.  There is no instant success with the pump.  I 
would not attempt to take it on by yourself.  At this point, even if you 
started tomorrow, you would still be working this out well into the fall 
semester.  It takes a lot of time and patience.  Take it easy and follow the 
program.  I wish you luck.

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