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Re: [IP] I need advice on what to do!

> They informed her that I'd need
> to do a month of carb counting before they'd even consider me, and
> the soonest they could work me in would be TOO FAR AWAY AND DURING
> SCHOOL!!!  I have been on this mailing list with ya'll for about a
> month.  I've read Pumping Insulin.  I've got a carb counting book
> and have enough common sense to be able to do that s**t.  I can't
> tell you how furious I am.  The bad thing here is that I can have my
> records trasferred to Jackson, where I'm in school and get a new
> endo.  But that is the last thing I want to do!  I love my dr. and
> have never found anyone that understands me and listens to me like
> her. 

Well....... my then 11 year old daughter (5 years ago) received an 
hour or so with a contract pump trainer, a 15 minute visit with her 
endo, a couple of days on saline and we were up and running. I isn't 
that tough.

> She really has nothing to do with the training, yet I have to
> have it done there in order to stay with her??? 
Your doctor is the person who prescribes treatment. She is liscensed 
by her state to do so, no one else can do that. Not the insurance 
company or any of the in between middle men.

> I know, it sounds strange.  My question here is this:  I'm calling my doc in the
> morning.  Do I give her my records of blood sugars and whatnot so
> she can set basals and then attempt to set out on my own?  Do I beg
> her to help me get worked in earlier and if she won't, change docs?

My advise is yes to both of above. You need someone to call the get 
things straightened out when they are not right. Your doc's CDE is 
the logical person. Since most of this sort of thing is done by phone 
anyway, where they are or how far away they are is not really 
important. What is more important is that you have someone to assist 
you locally if you screw up bad. While this is unlikely, it is the 
reason that so much caution is used with hospital starts, etc... 
Personally I think it is overdone a bit, but I can only speak for the 
point of view of 1 start with one youngster. 

> What do I do?  Can I do this on my own?  
Probably not wise. At a minimum, you need phone support from your 
doc. You could help the process along by getting off NPH or UltraL... 
whatever you are using now. You can switch entirely to regular 
insulin, but it requires a bolus (shot) in the middle of the night to 
keep your bg's stable. It works, my daughter did it for 3 days once 
and had very good bg's the whole time. You just pretend you have a 
pump and do everything the same way. R for basal rate, a shot of H or 
R  for carbs, etc... You have studied your Pumping Insulin in detail 
I presume (the test is NOW!).

Don't go running off on your own. Think what advice you would give to 
a friend or your own child in the same situation.

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