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[IP] Fwd: Al Gore Online Tonight (8/10)

Hope to see allot of you here.

>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Al Gore Online Tonight (8/10)
>Tonight at 9:00 pm EST, Vice President Al Gore will be hosting an online 
>town hall meeting at http://www.algore2000.com/townhall.
>According to his website, the Vice President will personally respond to 
>questions.  This is your opportunity to ask Gore whether he supports 
>implementing the final report of the Diabetes Research Working Group and 
>an $827 million budget for diabetes research.
>The timing for this chat is perfect.  As we recently reported, Congressman 
>John Porter has proposed a $1.4 billion increase for NIH this year.  The 
>Senate will likely propose an even bigger increase, maybe $2 
>billion.  Now's our chance to persuade the VP that a large share of that 
>increase should be used to implement the DRWG.
>Despite the facts, your letters and calls, broad Congressional support and 
>hundreds of opportunities in diabetes research that are being missed every 
>day, NIH hasn't made plans to implement DRWG.  Now it's time to take it to 
>the next level.
>As a federal agency, NIH takes its direction from the Clinton and Gore 
>administration.  As the overall "boss" of NIH, they can direct the agency 
>to fully implement DRWG.  But they need to hear from us!
>By participating in tonight's online discussion, you can show Vice 
>President Gore that diabetes, and the DRWG, are hot issues.  If enough 
>diabetes advocates participate tonight, Gore will be more likely to direct 
>NIH to act.
>Many thanks for your continued support of diabetes advocacy and the 
>American Diabetes Association.  Please stay in touch and let me know if 
>your question gets through to the VP.
>Leading the fight to find a cure for diabetes.
>Sign online at http://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/petition
>Joseph LaMountain
>National Director of Advocacy
>American Diabetes Association
>1660 Duke Street
>Alexandria, VA 22314
>(f) 703-549-8748

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