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RE: [IP] Endo Pumper Please!


I live in Wayne, PA, not too far from you and work in downtown Philly, this
is my sixth week on a pump. 

I have a great Endo in Bryn Mawr - I guess that isn't far from you. She
doesn't have DM, but she really knows her stuff. Also I have a great CDE who
is on a Disetronic pump, he too is excellent and probably knows more about
the day to day issues of DM than my Endo. He's in Wynnewood.

If you want their names and telephone numbers or want to 'brainstorm'
together, e-mail me privately.


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		From:	email @ redacted [mailto:email @ redacted]

		Hi all,

		I've been pumping for the last 7 weeks, and unfortunately
I'm nowhere near 
		having good bgs.  I really think it's time to get aggressive
with this 
		thing...Does anyone have an endo who is on the pump?
Someone who truly 
		understands where we are coming from and where we want to
go?  (besides crazy 
		:-) )

		I live in Bucks County, Pa (40 mins. from Philly) and would
really like to 
		see an endo who is a pumper.  I'm willing to travel, I
really want help!

		Thanks for any info! 
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