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Re: [IP] i love my pump, but ever since camp it bites

amy m wrote:

> Ok,
>  well, I did that night basal test last week, results weren't bad, I
> changed my basals. Since then nothing has worked, well,

    Have you ever learned anything about rebounding from lows? On how your
liver will cause some extreme highs after crashes? I'd say that you need to
balance your food intake to prevent lows. Forget about the highs for just a
few days, and be careful about the lows.    Eat something... heh heh. You
need (consult doc first) a little protein to carry you through those night
time lows. Of course you need a better carb source than 3am glucose tabs
serving as breakfast also.
    You can adjust til the cows come home, but until your rebound cycle is
broken you will go up & down like a yo-yo.
    Just offering my 3 1/2 cents worth, but always check with your doc
first before following any advice, because what works for me may be
hazardous to you.
    Take care.

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