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[IP] speaking of minimed

Minimed lists open jobs on their website -- they seem to be looking for
people in 
control theory (EE) to 'close the loop' between their CGMS & the Pump.
Communications would be good too, if you get into more than systems.  Make
to get some good analog and digital circuits classes in there.  I'd be
working for
Minimed if I wanted to move to California :)  Good luck, I hope you do get a
job with them.
- Miranda

>getting, nothing against disetronic) someday, only I have NO IDEA what that

>entails or what things to study in college and whether this requires
>training or anything about this!! I would currently like to major in 
>communications or some such thing . . .would this be applicable?  Can

Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
mailto: email @ redacted

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