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Re: [IP] Help with Basals

Original Message:

I was testing Kelly's basal rates, as we've recently changed our insulin
mix.  This is what I found:

                0800    180
                0930    133
At 1000 Kelly was starving, and had a slice of bologna, and a string
At 1200, she was 251.

 Do you all think it's the basals that are off, or did the mere fact of
eating, despite few carbs, set off that morning rise Michael often
mentions?  I'll try again tomorrow, but it's really hard for a 6 yr. old
to go too long without any food at all.  I wish there was an easier way
to get this right.   Thanks for any advice anybody can give me!

Mary, Kelly's Mom


Before giving any diabetic something to eat check the carbohydrate count 
first.  The string cheese, while a meat by classification, could have had 
some carbs.  Bologna, is all fat, with trace everything else.  If the reading 
went down after lunch it could have been a fluke spike.  Watch her readings.  
If she spikes again, I would notify her doctor.  There are other things that 
could cause it.  But talking to her doctor is the best thing to do.
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