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[IP] Re beaches, swimming, heat and the pump

I, too, worried about all the beach/bathing suit issues recently raised.
After two months, and after many great days at our cottage and one Lake
Huron beaches, I can say a few things:

# I just clip the pump to the side seam of my one-piece suit. Done. No
problem. So people notice. So what.

# When I want to swim, I watch for my basal to click (I have a MM), then
know I have 20 minutes before my next basal click. So I disconnect (I used
to try to be discreet, but now must lift the bottom edge of my suit and
disconnect, not caring who sees what). Then I swim. Then I come back and
reconnect. If I stay in too long, and see that I missed my .1 dose, I bolus

# I've spent about 6 hours straight in heat and sun on a beach and seen no
change in insulin effect on me. Everything I've read here and elsewhere says
you don't need to worry about sun and heat affecting Humlag on a short-term
basis. I do, however, tuck my tubing inside my suit so it doesn't dangle!

# I've swum, too, in all sorts of lakes where, let's say, ducks and fish
poop, and had not a single problem with my site. I also have no problems
with Sil tape sticking securely.

So.......all my frets and fears about swimming were for naught, and I
suspect yours will be, too!


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