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[IP] Re: Can someone help me please? (insulin/exercise/carbs/dessert)

Gianna and Ruth: After two months on the pump I've realized we gotta pay
close attention to carbs but it's those FATS that do us in!!! Gianna, how
many fat grams were in that almond butter you put on your toast???? i bet
the fat delayed absorption of the carbs, and/or inhibited action of your
insulin. (there's been some chat on this list about this double impact of

I have found the only way to be safe without frequent BG testing, or late
bolusing, etc, is to eat low-fat meals. Tomorrow, Gianna, I'd try the toast
dry to see what happens...


Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 17:01:05 -0700
From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [[IP] Can someone help me please?

I keep wondering if you might be miscounting your carbs.  The whole wheat
bread I
have in the house at the moment has 22 carbs per slice so 2 slices would be
42 carbs.  I have seen sliced bread with as little as 16 carbs per slice but
anything much less than that and I've even seen a few types with as much as
carbs per slice..  Are you sure you've got the right #s?   You may want to
your package.

gianna marzilli wrote:

> sigh . . .my blood sugar this morning was not bad, considering (132) then
> had a breakfast of 25 carbs (two pieces of whole wheat toast with almond
> butter) and took 3 units to try and get around one hundred.  Three and
> hours later I was 240!! I took one unit and by lunch time I was 147.
> According to my carb/insulin/units/blood sugar ratios, this number
> corresponds to not having injected any insulin at all!! This makes no
>   I injected in my leg which I haven't done in a little while so I thought
> maybe it wasn't absorbing.  But my after lunch numbers were good so that
> means the NPH worked and they were both in the same shot.  I don't get
>   Any ideas? --Gianna

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