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[IP] Eve's fundraising video

When Eve was at Girl Scout camp in July, a lady from the MN chapter of the
ADA called. Since Eve has attended Camp Needlepoint for two years and is
again going at the end of Aug. she was wondering if Eve would be willing to
do a fund raising video for them. Since Eve was not home, I very gladly
volunteered her, I figured she wouldn’t mind to doing it. By the time we
picked her up at camp we had it all planned out.  Movie star Eve! We told
her what had transpired since we last saw her. She said, “You’re joking. I
know you’re joking. No one really called.”  We said, “Wait and see!” We got
her up early Sat. morning to be in Mpls. by nine and then she believed us.
She went before the camera and was asked some questions about her life with
diabetes. One was about taking shots, her reply was “at first I took shots
and used an insulin pen at school, now I have an insulin pump.” He had her
explain what an insulin pump is and how it works. She also said that she
would not part with her new blue mm pump. She was also asked,  “ Are you
restricted from doing anything you want to do?”  Eve’s reply was “anything
you have set your mind to, you can do.” While Eve was in front of the camera
we talked to a wonderful young lady who was a counselor at Camp Needlepoint.
She had just came back with campers from the Boundary Water Canoe Area. The
BWCA (a part of MN on the Canadian border) is a total wilderness area where
you have no phones, no motor vehicles, no outboard motors; you canoe in,
camp and canoe out. When Eve is older she would like to go, I think you have
to be 15. I expressed my gratitude to her for being a counselor and was
telling her how much it meant to the families of the campers that there is a
camp with counselors and doctors that understood diabetes. At this time the
producer and Eve walked in. He thought it would be a good idea to have a
parent’s thought on having a child with diabetes. I immediately volunteered
my husband. <vbg> I don’t know how many “snippets” they will use, but I hope
they leave in some of the ones on the pump and how easy it is to use. They
are going to send us a copy of the video when it is finished. We are eagerly
waiting its arrival in the mail. I will keep you all informed of what they
put in the video.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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