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Re: [IP] Disconnecting (limits?)

> Hi All,
>     We are going on vacation next week, and I was just curious if
>     you could 
> all give me an idea of how long, and how many times you can
> disconnect for swimming.  I know up to an hour should be fine, but
> then what?  Do I make Stevie come out and connect again for how
> long?  I just don't want to see him have problems while we're away. 
> What I'm really looking for is how many times can we safely
> disconnect, reconnect and how long for each, without looking for
> trouble.  Thanks for your help!

Sometimes my daughter goes all day, connecting only for snacks or 
lunch. Your son should check his bg's ever hour or so just to be 
sure. Strenuous exercise "in water" sometimes lowers bg's 
dramatically. Playing ordinarily does not have this effect, but until 
you have a track record, watch! If you note bg's rising, he can bolus 
his basal requirements for an hour at a time, then go up to 2 hours 
and make up the difference.

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