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Re: RE: [IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes

To approach the subject from a slightly different perspective:

I keep (most of the time) very good control of my blood sugars, testing an 
average of almost 10 times a day and routinely weighing and measuring and 
using calculators and exercising every day.  I don't think I would keep up 
this level of effort just for long-term reduction of risk of complications 
(probably too late anyway, I grew up with the 1950s sort of laissez-faire 
approach).  I do it because it makes me feel so much better right now, and it 
enables me to function so much better.

Being on the pump enables me to keep near normal blood sugars without having 
the debilitating lows I had on MDI, while giving me the freedom to eat what 
and when I want (as long as I can calculate it right) and the ability to 
quickly adjust if something has gone wrong.

Linda Zottoli
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