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[IP] re: profile Joni Derickson

 the great debate... I personally think MM has the better product, but
everyone is going to say something different, and you must choose for
yourself. to me the different features of the minimed appealed to me
more than getting 2 waterproof pumps, and all of them added up when I
finally chose. And I've been happy with MM since, it's VERY easy to
use, even at 3 am when you're half asleep!(the light is handy then!)
 I'm still trying different ways to sleep with my pump, but recently
got a thigh thing for dresses, and tried it at night yesterday figuring
what the hech, and it was pretty comfortable, not like when i wear it
on my waistband and have to move it everytime I roll over.
 Amy-(MM user)

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