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Re: [IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes

Lori, the DCCT results show that there is a strong correlation between A1C
and complications. The lower the A1C, the fewer the complications, and this
correlation extends right down into the normal range.  Monthly visit to an
endocrinologist don't do much to keep your BG level and low.  The DCCT was
done with long acting insulins and multiple injections, and although it is
possible to get low A1c's with this, everyone on this list knows better.
I bet 90% of the pumpers on this list have A1Cs lower than 90% of the
people in that long term DCCT study.   And I bet the frequency of
complications among the thousands of conscientious pumpers will be much
lower than in the DCCT.   But as I said in my previous note, Lori, there
are lots of other factors that enter into the picture.  You can't hide from
your genes, and just because you are diabetic doesn't mean you can't be run
over by a car, or fall down a flight of stairs.   We can use group
statistics to guide our behavior, but anything can still happen to any one
individual.  As we all know YMMV,  but I would bet my pump that if everyone
on this list had an A1C or 6.0, that less than say 10% of us would have
complications.  You may still say, aha! that means that 10% of you nasty
guys will have  debilitating complications (and should have gotten your A1c
to 5.0), but I've always believed that we live in the best of all possible
worlds, with glasses half full.   I may be a fool, but at least I'm a happy
one :-)

<<<<<<Wayne, you have to try to maintain some optimism, or decide to give up.
HOWEVER, there is normally a gross amount of exaggeration regarding the
effectiveness of tight control here at IP and 'most everywhere else
too.  If you stop to examine the DCCT study, you will find that 40% of
the group that made herculean efforts at tight control -- including
monthly visits to endocrinologist, CDnurseE, dietitian, and social
worker (that's all 4, every month) -- still had severe, debilitating
complications occur.  Until I "unexplainably" had complications occur 2
years ago, I played the same game.  The it won't happen to me, can't, I
have very tight control.  WRONG.  Unfortunately, society knows the game
well too, and now I have not only the complications, but also the ever
present notion that -- "if you'd just taken care of yourself". ******, I
did.  So quit fooling yourselves, or you'll be a fool too.

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