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[IP] Re: Site Selection

Hi Regina,

I wish I could offer some wonderful words of wisdom, but we are not at
the top of the experience curve yet.  I know a lot of the experts here
will jump in to give you some advice.  I will give you my .02 worth

Erica loves the top of her butt as her favourite place (below the
beltline, above the seat).  Personally, I find that  her tummy is the
place that seems to stay out of the way of vigourous play the best.  We
also use her back, but I think that might be a vulnerable spot when
playing football.  My few words of wisdom woud be:
1.  we always stay away from the waistline because of the chaffing that
would cause.
2.  perhaps putting it where there is lots of padding (from his
gear)might help
3.  I would also make sure it is more towards the centre of the body as
opposed to having the connector too close to the side. Less chance of
rubbing it hard against anything.
4.  Give yourself some time to get a good handle on how this will affect
him.  It takes time and patience, and you will learn lots of little
things that in turn you will pass along to the next footballer!
5.  The worst thing that could happen is that it MIGHT get knocked out.
It would be nice if  all the football games were on the day he was due
for a site change :-)
6.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the game!!

Things will happen, you will deal with them and it will not be as bad as
you might think!  The things that some people on this list do boggle my
mind and seeing Erica rolling around, throwing herself on the floor,
riding the waves, practically denting herself on a playground, and
basically getting her body into every position possible.....I have
learned to relax.  The first few days she walked like someone with stiff
joints, it wasn't long before she was back into physical play..fast and
furious and I became a nail biter. Thanks heavens it got better...I
don't like the tast of my nails.

Over the 5 months that she has been on the pump, there has only been one
time that she had to get a site removed because it had been
bumped..continuously.  It was on her tummy, she was at a wave pool, and
was constantly riding the waves onto the concrete beach..for two hours.
The site was due for a change later that day anyway, so we just changed
it when we got home. It has become easier in time to just do what is
necessary.  It was so easy to panic those first few months, but with
time we have relaxed, Erica has relaxed, we have learned more, are more
aggressive with trying new things and all our IP friends have been a
blessing in times of need and direction.

All the best to your and your new pumper!!  When he hits the field for
the first time, he will be pumped in more ways than one :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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