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Re: [IP] I just have to brag!

AMY!  You GO girl!!!  Love, Jane (diagnosed at 16; same day I went for my
driver's license - and FAILED!)
Wish I had had a pump - wish there had been a web page - wish there had been
a PUMP!  You know - we're all pulling for you!!!!!
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From: amy m <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, August 07, 1999 12:59 PM
Subject: [IP] I just have to brag!

>hey all--
> call me a hormonal teen, but I'm glad I have my pump! this last week
>has been rough, I worked out the night basals but nothing's helped yet,
>I stayed low all night last night, (i swear, my mom really hates my
>pump), then went high and had some ketones..nice bday present! Yeah,
>I'm 16 today and can drive without my parents in the car, was out all
>morning of course they are trying to control it like crazy, but hey!
>And at least with the pump I don't have to worry quite so much about
>lows with driving, although I'm not comfortable quite yet. And when I
>go out to dinner later and when I eat birthday cake, I'm not limiting
>myself to that tiny piece with no frosting, I'm going to eat what feels
>NATURAL for the first time in my past ten birthdays! My control this
>week basically sucks, but there's too much otherstuff going on, so...
> I LOVE MY PUMP (and my freedom to drive!!!!!~)
> Amy
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