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Re: [IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes

Lori, I'm sorry that you have had complications, considering that you took 
care of yourself. However, I found your message a little harsh....At 19 yrs. 
old, I already get a tad depressed about my future with diabetes, and if I 
was constantly told that I would probably have my foot amputated or go blind 
by the time I was 30, I think I would end up in a mental ward.  My sanity and 
peace with my disease comes from knowing that there is hope...that I can 
possibly CURB the complications if I take care of myself.  If I didn't remind 
myself of that, I doubt that I would be too motivated to take care of myself. 
 Teenagers already have a hard enough time dealing with diabetes and trying 
to feel "normal" and fit in.... we don't need to increase their anxiety by 
being negative.  It's a shame that people told you "if only you would have 
taken care of yourself."  That's not fair, and I wish you the best of luck.  
Sincerely, Jasmine, dx 10 yrs. old, about to start pumping when I see my Dr. 
Wednesday  :)
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