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Re: [IP] Prime after disconnect

Curtis Lomax wrote:
> We have found that we must prime after disconnecting for a while.  It
> sometimes takes 0.5 units to get a drip from the tubing before we reconnect.
> We don't suspend the pump during disconnection but we are on a low basal
> rate, .01 and .02 units per hour.  So we thought that it would just keep the
> tubing full and ready to go, but that is not what we have seen in practice.
> Any comments to us newbies?

OK, minor physics lesson about plumbing systems seems to be in order.
I always put the disconnect higher than the pump while in the shower or
disconnected for whatever reason, and leave the pump running. Because 
the open end is higher than the pump the insulin will drop down some 
because of hydrostatic pressure, but build up somewhat before reconnecting.
When I do reconnect I hold the open end on the same level as the pump and
normally see a small drop form there, and put it together again, if I 
don't see a drop I may need to do a small bolus before connecting, but 
this is very rare. 

If the connector is left lower than the pump, especially if aimed downward,
some insulin may drip out and need to be replaced in the hose before you
put it back together.

Ted Quick
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