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[IP] how to be removed?

I have sent the following two emails to "help@insulin-pumpers.org" requesting 
to unsubscribe.  Sorry to send this to the list, but could someone please 
help me be removed from the list?   Thanks.
Subj:   thank you, unsubscribe
Date:   99-08-04 20:57:53 EDT
From:   AirHunk
To: help@insulin-pumpers.org

thank you for running your insulin pumpers websight.  I must regretfully, 
however, request to be removed.    I have found helpful information here and 
have enjoyed the wide variety of posts.  However, the sheer volume of emails 
has gotten out of control for me to receive.

I wish there were a way to encourage members to post and especially respond 
only relevant information.   Receiving a huge pile of emails that say only 
"welcome Sally" or personal emails "I live in Omaha also Bill" makes weeding 
out the information I need unmanageable.

Thank you again for allowing me to have been a member, and if it's okay, I 
may look in again at some point in the future.

Alexandria, VA
Subj:   UNSUBSCRIBE please
Date:   99-08-05 23:23:23 EDT
From:   AirHunk
To: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org/

please unsubscribe  email @ redacted         Thank you.
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for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org