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Re: [IP] Taping for a day at the Waterpark

Leann Pruitt wrote:
> Hi,
> My son will be going to a waterpark this coming weekend with his dad.
> Does anyone have suggestions on taping the site so it will not come
> out.  


Steve cleans his site with plain alcohol wipes and makes sure it is
ddries well, as instructed by our nurse and Minimed trainer.  He then
puts down the IV3000 FIRST, inserts the Sof-set through the hole in the
IV3000, then fastens it with the other tape that is included in the
sof-set package (it sticks like duct tape, so he doesn't use it on his
skin, only to stick the sof-set to the IV3000).  When he goes swimming
for a long time, he usually covers the set with Polyskin or Tegaderm. 
We found that our insurance paid for the polyskin and tegaderm by
putting it through as medical supplies with his other pump supplies, as
long as we ordered it through our supplier (American Home Patient, our
supplier through Anthem Blue Cross). 

He swam all last week at the lake and we didn't lose a single set.

Good luck!

Sharon Tarca
mom of Steven, age 13, pumping since 7/6/99
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