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[IP] speaking of minimed

Gianna wrote:

<< I have a slightly different question 
here . . . I would like to work for minimed (since that is teh brand I am 
getting, nothing against disetronic) someday, only I have NO IDEA what that 
entails or what things to study in college and whether this requires medical 
training or anything about this!! >>

Go to the minimed website and look in the column on the right-hand side of
the page.  
There is a link for MiniMed Human Resources.  There is a list of current
job openings in all departments.  You could look through the various
options and see what kind of skills they are looking for.  You mentioned
you are interested in communications... most companies need communications
people.  I advise you to follow your interests, talk to people whose jobs
you think look interesting, and find out how they got there.  

Mary Jean (age 37 and a college student for the second time around,
studying technical communications.)

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