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Re: [IP] Prime after disconnect

Curtis Lomax wrote:
> We have found that we must prime after disconnecting for a while.  It
> sometimes takes 0.5 units to get a drip from the tubing before we reconnect.


Steve suspends his pump when he disconnects, and the first two times he
was very high two hours after reconnecting.  When he disconnected to go
swimming the next time, we carefully inspected the quick release and
noticed a lot of air in the tubing near the QR.  We now prime the pump
until a drop appears at the QR connection, then he reconnects.  No more
high blood sugars after swimming!

PS We're newbies, too - just started pumping on 7/6/99, but are learning
a lot by trial and error!

Sharon Tarca
mom of Steven, age 13
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