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Re: [IP] Going to the Beach

>    Just a cautionary note: 2 years ago, Melissa went to the beach
>    with a 
> family she babysits for.

> problem.....EXCEPT when she showered afterwards, she noticed that
> her set had A LOT of sand trapped underneath the Tegaderm!..

>From an earlier post RE: sand

) cut a pair of drain holes near the wings on the sofset ....You need 
a hole about 1/8 inch diameter below and on either side of the set at 
the corner of the wing. Not to big, but positioned so any moisture 
can drain out "down" this will facilitate drying of the skin and 
adhesive. It also works well at the beach to let the sand out -- 
that's how we first discovered the technique. Make sure to use skin 
prep prior to putting the cover tape .....
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