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[IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes

<<There's been some discussion about the "stages" of diabetes on this
list, but I wouldn't pay much attention to that.  The ones with the
complications tend to talk the most.  Nothing wrong with that, but for
everyone with complications there are dozens without.>>

Wayne, you have to try to maintain some optimism, or decide to give up.
HOWEVER, there is normally a gross amount of exaggeration regarding the
effectiveness of tight control here at IP and 'most everywhere else
too.  If you stop to examine the DCCT study, you will find that 40% of
the group that made herculean efforts at tight control -- including
monthly visits to endocrinologist, CDnurseE, dietitian, and social
worker (that's all 4, every month) -- still had severe, debilitating
complications occur.  Until I "unexplainably" had complications occur 2
years ago, I played the same game.  The it won't happen to me, can't, I
have very tight control.  WRONG.  Unfortunately, society knows the game
well too, and now I have not only the complications, but also the ever
present notion that -- "if you'd just taken care of yourself". ******, I
did.  So quit fooling yourselves, or you'll be a fool too.

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