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RE: [IP] Random thoughts on Diabetes

I have only been intimately involve in diabetes crap for a little over 1 yr.
but I too am pleased with the advances in the last 20 years.

Try to run a pump using urine strips.  We look back and think that the
treatments were inadequate with 1-2 tests a day and sometimes 1 shot, but
there was so little real information in terms of bgs that it was as good as
it got.

I think that the pump is under prescribed and that the medical professional
should keep people on the front of the best treatment.

The future holds many new devices that will continue to reduce the risks and
there is also a cure looming in the distance or at least repeatable
therapies that are as good as a cure.

Some day we will look back and think that the current treatment is
inadequate (which it is) and praise the new tech or the new islets.

Curtis Lomax

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