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Peeking for pumpers, was Re: [IP] Does color matter?

Nancy wrote:

> >BTW, so far, after 2 months of pumping, not a single person has inquired
>about my pump, and I've seen no one else with one, but keep scrutinizing
>strangers' waistbands for telltale signs of tubing.
>Susan, I can't believe I'm reading this - you must be reading my mind!
>I've been wearing my pump for exactly 4 days now and when I'm out in
>public, I now find myself looking at other folk's "beepers" and
>wondering to myself "are the really beepers?" So I've been looking for
>tubing too.  I just found this amusing and a new found hobby :) LOL

Another sure hint is when someone's "pager" always seems to go off when 
they start eating (pumper with Humalog), or after they put the menu down 
and place the order (pumper with Velosulin or Regular).

I share the same hobby <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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