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[IP] speaking of minimed

There has been lots of discussion on here about wishing minimed people or 
disetronic people were listening . . .I have a slightly different question 
here . . . I would like to work for minimed (since that is teh brand I am 
getting, nothing against disetronic) someday, only I have NO IDEA what that 
entails or what things to study in college and whether this requires medical 
training or anything about this!! I would currently like to major in 
communications or some such thing . . .would this be applicable?  Can anyone 
shed some light on this? I want to help other people with diabetes . . .also 
if anyone has any ideas on volunteer work I could get into to help other 
people with diabetes in the time being . . .I'm 17 and going to be a senior. 
  :) Thanks, from Gianna (who would accept a cure anytime now, but has found 
some life direction since diagnosis . . . )

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