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Re: [IP] Going to the Beach

> Ladies, what do you do with the pump at the beach? 
You'll get a variety of advise on this one. I'll just relate one 
point of view

> I only wear one
> piece suits, but I am not sure whether I want to disconnect the pump
> for an hour or so, just not get too far in the water, or just not
> get in the water at all. 

My 16 yo has been pumping for 5 years and wears anything from a 
tini-kini to a one piece. She just disconnects/reconnects if she 
goes to play or swim. If she fools around all day, she'll just keep 
her pump nearby and test occasionally. Usually her insulin 
requirements drop because of the effect of being in cold water. 
Sometimes she will bolus her basal an hour in advance and just forget 
about the pump for a couple of hours at a time except for snacks.
It just never seems to be a big deal. She swims a lot in the summer 
and it has never presented a problem.

>  Also, do you or would you insert a new
> infusion set?  I worry about all the tiny microbes and things in the
> water that we cannot see but can cause infections.  
Lily only changes at scheduled times (twice a week every 3/4th day) 
unless she gets repetitive highs. If the tape gets a little loose, 
she slaps on some more or dabs the edges with adhesive or skin prep.

The site is pretty well protected by the set itself. She has had 1 or 
2 mild site infections over the years, but none have ever been 
related to swimming. She swims in lakes, rivers, pools, and the 

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