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[IP] what a crock!

 Just saw this on the news (Washington DC)--story about a 22 yr old
girl, with type 1 diabetes since she was 9 years old, and she says she
doesn't let it get to her. And the whole point of the story was to
"advertise" the lazette lancet device, she tried it, (had a hard time
squeezing blood from her finger) and said it was better than regular
lancets. I MUST DISAGREE!!! I used the lazette, and as everyone I've
heard from who used it also (the girl on the news is the only positive
response I've heard), it stunk..with me, it showed sparks, it stunk, it
hurt, and I really had to squeeze hard to get a blood sample, and it's
only a lancet device, a meter is still needed! I think NBC made a bad
choice choosing this person to endorse the product, as she was so
clearly doing, b/c she didn't seem too in control of her diabetes,
taking two shots a day, and complaining about finger sticks..she checks
TWICE a day...that is NOTHING to complain about, and with that few
tests a day, i don't see how she could complain about lancets..makes
you wonder what she got for endorsing the product!??
 Pumping 6 weeks, checking bg too much, but still prefers lancets to
anything which shows sparks and burns a whole in my finger, which
leaves a big red spot!

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