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Re: [IP] Any reccommendations for CHO Books/guides??


I use "The Complete Book of Food Counts" by Corinne T.
Netzer -- it is excellent.

I also have "The Pocket Pancreas."  It is a little booklet
that has carb factors listed at the end of the book.  You
have to have a scale that will weigh grams in order to use
it, though.


--- JC Howell <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm trying to find a good carb counting book/list.
> I've looked at the book list on the IP page. I'm
> considering the Diabetes CHO and Fat Gram Guide ...
> Does anyone have any thoughts on the best one out
> there?
> Also, I've heard mention of *The Pocket Pancreas* on
> the list, is this a real book or is it a way of
> referencing one of the guides? If it IS a real book,
> where does one find it? I haven't seen it anywhere.
> Thanks in advance!
> ===
> JC

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