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Re: [IP] convincing my endo.

> Hi!
> I need some suggestions for how to convince my endo to let me  get a
> pump!! 

Some more info:

1) good hbA1c's are an indication of a patient that works hard at
control and is a GOOD candidate for a pump, not the other way around.
If your hbA1c's are NOT good enough, then a pump will help you lower 
them. See the ABOUT page of the web site for typical improvements 
achieved by list members.

 2) good control improves with the use of a pump and will reduce 
overall long term health problems, costs, etc... see the hbA1c 
improvements on the about page of the web site.

3) use the DCCT information (see the LINKS page). The majority of 
participants in the DCCT switched to insulin pumps because tight 
control was easier to achieve.

5) address the quality of life issues, sick days, etc...
point out the rigid schedule, eating when not hungry, not eating when
hungry, problems with adolescence, etc...

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