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Re: [IP] Taping for a day at the Waterpark

> He went swimming yesterday and we put another tape
> overtop of the normal softset tape because it looked as it might
> come off but then they both started coming off so we removed all the
> tape and started over and then it was ok but i would hate to go
> through this each time he goes swimming.  Your suggestions would be
> appreciated as we are pretty new at this.  Alex is on his 6th day
> pumping and loving it!

Use a skin prep like Smith & Nephew "Skin Prep". Put a barrier layer 
of tape down first, apply the SofSet and tape over the top.

Better yet, switch to Sils/Tender/Comfort sets. They stick better. 
The same tricks work for them as well.

In a pinch, get some tincture of benzoine at the drug store and apply 
it first -- Gorilla Snot for skin!

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