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Re: [IP] convincing my endo.

Well rachel, I really hope you can convince your endo I really don't
understand why he or she would not want you on it . It is amazing what it
can do for you . But anyway yes I have lost weight since I have been on the
pump and I have only been on it for about 3mths MAYBE!! So far I have lost
19pds with out really trying . I mean I do work out but not religiously and
I think the big thing is you don't have to eat 3 to 5 meals a day me myself
I only eat 1 meal a day now and if I get hungry I eat fruit or something
really lite. My daily amount of insulin is around 35units which is really
good considering I was taking 4shots a day and a total of 90units of
insulin. so I have come down alot so anyway goodluck and let us all know if
you convince him!!! Lisa
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From: Rachel Bredeson <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, August 09, 1999 8:19 AM
Subject: [IP] convincing my endo.

>I need some suggestions for how to convince my endo to let me  get a pump!!
>My appt. is on Wednesday, and I want to have something planned so I have a
>good chance!!  I've been testing and recording all of my BGs and insulin
>doses.  I'm  going to be starting a program where I will go out a couple
>times a week and do something, so hopefully I will get some excersise.
>Any suggestions you can give me are greatly appreciated!!
>BTW-if anyone LOST weight when one the pump I would love to  know that
>  And how you did it.
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