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[IP] i love my pump, but ever since camp it bites

 well, I did that night basal test last week, results weren't bad, I
changed my basals. Since then nothing has worked, well, I did the test
b/c nothing was working,but the results of that made it seem my bg
weren't bad (90-160) but lately NOTHING is working. I just upped my
basals again yesterday, and well, I hit 40 at 3 am, and 286 at lunch,
and the only thing I ate was those 3 gluc tabs with my low at 3am, no
breakfast. On shots control was so easy when you were really careful
about food, now I can eat a salad, with very few carbs for a meal,
bolus CORRECTLY and my bg are still out of it. And I can keep
correcting till kingdom come, but I wonder what the hech has happened?
At least I was consistent before camp, then I had to lower my basals
after camp b/c I raised them there, and now again they are back up. And
my mom is with me on this, there is no happy medium! I either go to 280
in the night or 40, and you can't adjust basals by .5. I am assuming
it's got to be my basals b/c these highs have been here the last few
days, the 40 was a first last night, but I upped a basal by .1. It's
not that time of the month, and I'm not getting sick, b/c I"d be sick
by now, so I don't know what it is, I'm hoping maybe I'm growing
(taller, losing weight again from trying to eat light to control the
bg, but that's not helping my bgs at all). I have changed my sets
numerous times, last time I went into a NEW bottle of humalog, I don't
know what's left. I'm at the point now, like a third or half of my
total daily dose is correction doses, and I think I shoudl change my
basals, but please don't tell me that since I"m a teen it will change
drastically weekly like it has done lately. My mom doesn't know when
she'll ever get through the night, even when my basals are the same the
results vary so much it seems night to night, high one, low the next,
etc. How do I know to keep changing my basals? Do I just do it and hope
this is a hormone spurt and that I don't drop low all of a sudden? I'm
going to see what today brings, so far from 40-286, no food except
tabs, then call the endo tomorrow, but I can't see any consistency to
safely make changes. I did that yesterday, then I crashed last night
and then still went up high despite the increase...
 ???????any ideas? at least what is causing these erratic patternless
bgs? (and I am using a calculator for carb counting) 

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