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Re: [IP] free meter and strips

Hi Rachel - 
Call the Bayer Co. at the 800 number listed on the back of your meter.   Be 
sure to tell them that you never received the cable during the trial period & 
maybe they will send you one for free!!  Thats how I got one for my son!   
Otherwise,  you can order one from them.    I love ours! It is so nice to be 
able to transfer data onto printouts to take to the Dr office when we go!  It 
gives ALL the information he needs! It prints out dates,  times,  readings,  
even does graphs,  pie charts,  etc!!     Check into it!  Hope you can get 
the Bayer company to get you one for free!!    They have been so helpful to 
me on the phone when we have had problems!  They sent free test strips,  even 
after the free one year trial was over just because I could not find any test 
strips to buy in our town,  they replaced his glucometer for free,  again 
after the one year trial was over,  because he droppped it & broke it!  They 
even overnighted it to me (at their cost!)   Really nice company to work 
with!!   Good luck!  Hope you can get a cable!   WE LOVE OUR DEX!             
   Teressa    (ps....if you need the 800 number,  let me know!!)
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