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Re: [IP] site change - no soap and water available!!!!!!

Kathie, I used to be religious about always wiping the area with alcohol
wipes.  But, since that doesn't do much to kill bacteria, over the past 6
months, I don't use anything.  Just stick that nasty silhouette needle in,
and press the tape down.  Makes life easier on the road.   Of course, this
does mean you need to shower at reasonable intervals to keep the grime from
building up,  as my mother used to say,  at least once a week whether you
need it or not *S*

>I have had to change my site twice in one day because of poor absorption.
>Lucky for me I was at home at the time.  I always carry site change supplies
>with me but never had to do it outside of my home.  What should I carry with
>me to clean the site when soap and water is not available?
>                                            Kathie

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