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Memos to Minimed (was)Re: [IP] 4 years in bed

Sara & Avner:
    Just for the record, I have been forwarding many of the IP posts 
suggesting things like this to Jack Joy, the Minimed webmaster. When I was at 
the JDF conference in San Francisco, I met the head of Minimed's marketing 
dept. & when I mentioned having done so, he laughed & said "oh so you're the 
one who sends all those e-mails that I get from Jack"! So your comments, 
criticisms, suggestions, etc. ARE getting through to Minimed.....where they 
go from there, I can't answer....but Jack always thanks me for anything I 
forward to him & when Ellen (KidsRPumping webmaster) sent him the name of a 
mom of a young pumper who's an articulate advocate, I believe he did have 
Minimed get in touch with her.( not positive about that). So if anyone else 
wants to do the same, Jack Joy's e-mail is email @ redacted   Tell him 
Renee sent you! LOL.....Seriously, who better than the "foot soldiers" to 
tell the "generals" what's REALLY happening out in the battlefield!!!!

Regards, Renee (16 yr old Melissa's pump-mom/coach)
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