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[IP] Sweat and loose infusion sets.

Some possible help to keep set from coming loose.
Deodorant around the area but not on the actual sight of insertion.
Isopropyl alcohol prep swab to reduce any body oils that will come off.  Be sure the area has dried.  I. V. Prep made by Smith +Nephew from MM will improve adhesion some but are $$$. Apply strips of J &J  1/2" Clear tape over the edges of the adhesive oval.  I go about  2/3"s of the tapes width on the adhesive oval and !/3 on the tissue.  Too long of strips of tape seem to get in the way and  really is not help.  The tape is easy to remove but some of it's adhesive stays on the tissue.   This residue is hard to get off. Try it on 2 sides or 3 or all 4 sides of oval.  If it is a real big problem Betadine (sp?) solution works also.  Use this sparingly
Charles     d'x 46 years  pumping 3