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Re: [[IP] Can someone help me please? (insulin/exercise/carbs/dessert)]

"gianna marzilli" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi everyone: we had company tonight and at 6pm (before dinner) my blood 
> sugar was 101.  I had forty carbs (chicken, rice, broccoli, and salad) and 
> gave an injection of 4.0 units.  then, 1 hour and 45 min. later checked BG,

> it was 149.  Had dessert (carrot cake) 50 carbs and gave second injection of

> 5 units humalog.  About a half hour after this, took a walk and when I came

> back (at 9 pm) blood sugar was 91.  At 9:45 I checked and my BG was 173.  So

> I took my nighttime NPH of 5 units and we'll see how that works tomorow 
> morning I guess.
> 	I didn't eat anything else or take any more insulin in between the last two

> tests.  Why did my blood sugar go back up so fast?  Does it have anything to

> do with the fat/protein content of this food? I am not on the pump yet but 
> will be soon and was wondering how I would handle this?  My carbs/units 
> ratio is 1 unit for every 10 carbs.  This is very confusing! Help!! --Gianna

             Gianna, maybe you did not wait long enough after eating the
carrot cake and so your BS was still rising. A 2-3 hr test might have given
more accurate results. But the strangest thing about your post is that I also
had carrot cake this morning! I had a carrot cake cupcake for breakfast, it
was exactly 30 gms of carbs and I took 2.5 units of insulin to cover. I was
over 260 at lunch time! I was leaving for a 3 1/2 drive home, so I didnt take
anymore insulin. I figured if I started having high BS symptoms, I could pull
over. I felt fine through the trip, and when I arrived home, I was 94! I just
checked the fat content and it is low. I can't figure this one out, maybe we
both got a bad batch of carrot cake!?:-)  Well I hope your morning BS was
good! I guess I will have another cupcake for breakfast and see what happens
this time! Denise 

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