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Re: [IP] Does color matter?

Hi!  Just wanted to add my 2cents worth on this subject.   When it comes to 
choosing a pump,  being able to choose the color is a great added bonus!   It 
should not be the deciding factor of which brand to choose, etc,  but it's 
great to be able to choose a color you want rather than not have a choice at 
all (say if black was the only color!)      If you want grey....pick grey,    
 if you want hot pink.....pick hot pink!  Isn't it great to be able to 
choose?!   It just makes it a little more personalized! I realize that the 
color of the pump should not be a thing that I am most worried about, but it 
adds a little fun to such a "scary adventure" - especially for kids!    Just 
my opinion, tho!           Thanks! 
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