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[IP] Can someone help me please? (insulin/exercise/carbs/dessert)

Hi everyone: we had company tonight and at 6pm (before dinner) my blood 
sugar was 101.  I had forty carbs (chicken, rice, broccoli, and salad) and 
gave an injection of 4.0 units.  then, 1 hour and 45 min. later checked BG, 
it was 149.  Had dessert (carrot cake) 50 carbs and gave second injection of 
5 units humalog.  About a half hour after this, took a walk and when I came 
back (at 9 pm) blood sugar was 91.  At 9:45 I checked and my BG was 173.  So 
I took my nighttime NPH of 5 units and we'll see how that works tomorow 
morning I guess.
	I didn't eat anything else or take any more insulin in between the last two 
tests.  Why did my blood sugar go back up so fast?  Does it have anything to 
do with the fat/protein content of this food? I am not on the pump yet but 
will be soon and was wondering how I would handle this?  My carbs/units 
ratio is 1 unit for every 10 carbs.  This is very confusing! Help!! --Gianna

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