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[IP] leg cramps and supplements

Before I was dxd, I suffered from charlie horses in my calf muscles. Since I
was 13 yrs old at the time, I think my parents assumed they were "growing
pains". But now, after 29 years of being IDDM, I suffer from the most
excruciatingly painful foot and leg cramps! I will have to jump up out of bed
in the middle of a sound sleep and walk for several minutes to work these out
of my muscles! I have had my potassium level checked, and at times it was
actually on the high side, so it wasn't attributed to this. I have taken
quinine also, this didn't help either.Now my Endo says they are the result of
neuropathy! So before you take any kind of supplements, be sure this is the
problem. Also, I would try eating a banana everyday first, if you suspect this
could be the problem. Denise 

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