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[IP] new wardrobe?

Kathie wrote:

> I couldn't care less what color my pump is.  There is so much to 
> ask, so much to learn, so much to remember, so much to pay for.

true, but the very true bottom line is, if one needs to answer the question 
of "which pump should I get?"  The only "real" answer is "the one the comes 
in the color you prefer."  Both pumps have their little differences, yada 
yada yada, and we ALL have our opinionated preferences....but at the end of 
the day, or the end of the tubing as it were, they serve identical 
purposes...they can use identical means of attaching to you, they deliver 
identical chemicals to your body and identical control can be achieved with 

Besides, unless you are one of those shy individuals who INSISTS on "hiding" 
your pump to avoid nosy questions, just THINK how you would clash if your 
pump was, say ELECTRIC BLUE, and your outfit was funeral black...While I LIKE 
the blue pump, I also LIKE the tangerine I-book, but it doesn't "go" with my 
office PC-style software, so I won't be able to get one. 

Oh lighten up everyone.  

Sara, who is so far behind in digests, you could already be discussing 
something else, but the way IP seems to go these days...I doubt it...yes, 
that was sarcasm...my blood sugar is dropping.
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