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Re: [[IP] Polyskin]

George Davis <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I just received yesterday a new Minimed 507C with supplies.  The doctor
recommended Silhouette infusion sets were included, along with 100 polyskins. 
What are the polyskins for, since the silhouette has its own adhesive backing,
and if you apply a polyskin over it the quick release will be covered?
> George Davis
> DM for 35 yrs, but newbie to pump

       George, I use the MM sof set QR, so I am unfamiliar with the Sil and
where the QR is on it, but I use the polyskin to cover the canula area.I like
it because I feel like it protects the site and helps to keep the canula from
becoming dislodged if accidently pulled on. I have been pumping 2 years and
have never had a site come out. Also you can cut the polyskin smaller if you
want to. Denise

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